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Building Reusable Angular 8 Components Using Schematics

by Dan Wellman

In this course you will learn how to take an existing collection of Angular components and services, and package them up as a Schematic.

What you'll learn

Are you a front-end developer interested in maximizing TypeScript reuse across multiple projects? In this course, Building Reusable Angular Components Using Schematics, you will build components that can be installed in Angular projects using the Angular CLI. First, you will explore how to use the schematic CLI to create a new schematic project and perform setup tasks like adding a schema. Next, you will discover how to work with files in a schematic, and perform basic templating to inject values into template files at run time. Finally, you will uncover more advanced schematic techniques such as updating existing files and running NPM commands, as well as learn how to test a schematic. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Angular schematics needed to package your collection of services and components.

About the author

Dan Wellman is a web developer, author, and course instructor from the UK. He has been a developer for just over ten years, and has been writing and making videos about his experiences for almost as long. He has written nine books about JavaScript libraries, and produced around 50 video courses on front-end development. He is currently Head of UI at DST Systems, and lives on the South Coast of the UK with his wife and four children.

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