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Building Tabular Models in SSAS

by Ravikiran Srinivasulu

Import data from different sources, build relationships, and enhance a model's usability so it finds widespread adoption in your organization. At the end of this course, you'll know how to build a semantic tabular model.

What you'll learn

Analysis Services is an analytical database engine which lets you build business intelligence data models so your users can connect to it from client applications like Excel and Power BI. In this course, Building Tabular Models in SSAS, you will gain the ability to build semantic tabular models that can be widely adopted in your organization. First, you will learn why you would need to use SSAS in your project when you already have a data warehouse. Next, you will discover how to import data from different sources, define relationships between tables, creating measures with DAX, and add features to enhance a model's usability, such as Calculation groups, KPIs, Hierarchies, Perspectives, and Translations. Finally, you will explore how to deploy and partition the tables and process the deployed models. When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge and advanced data modeling skills needed to build enterprise-grade tabular models.

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About the author

Ravikiran is an independent cloud consultant and author focused on developing solutions in Microsoft Azure. His interests include everything in the cloud space, DevOps and Machine Learning with contributions in domains like Healthcare, Banking and Web Analytics. He is very passionate about the latest and futuristic technologies and constantly updates himself with the current technology trends. He works at the intersection of education and technology. In spare time, he likes going on long road tr... more

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