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Building Vendor Relationships That Work

by Amy Agnew Irvine

Does your job require you to work with a vendor? Do you want to be a hero in the process? It's time to rethink what it means to build relationships with your vendor partners. It's time to maximize your investment and build a vendor-ship that works.

What you'll learn

Are you currently working with a vendor? Would you like to maximize your investment and build a vendor-ship that works? In this course, Building Vendor Relationships That Work, you will learn how to re-approach your vendor partnership to achieve mutual success. First, you will be exposed to common vendor relationships and lifecycle. Next, you will explore how to uncover the "why" to reach a win-win. Then, you will discover how to build a vendor-ship. And finally, you will gain an understanding of how to create and share your story of success. When you are finished with this course, you will have the mindset and strategies needed to build a vendor relationship that works.

About the author

Achiever, Strategic, Responsibility, Learner, Woo (Strengths Finder Top 5), and Servant Leader. Amy began her career as an educator 25 years ago as a graduate student at UC Davis. Teaching college communication courses, she discovered a passion for facilitation and instructional design. She turned down the chance to pursue her PhD to study organizational communication where it happens! Her first job as a computer-based training developer led to developing 1st generation eLearning products at Peo... more

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