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Building Web Applications With NancyFX

by Richard Cirerol

A code-heavy exploration of building viable web applications with the Nancy web framework.

What you'll learn

Nancy is a lightweight web-application framework for the .NET platform. Building on the concepts in the Introduction to Nancy course, this course will show an approach to building NancyFX-powered applications based on real-world experiences. The course explores hosting options, application conventions, authentication packages, persistence strategies, localization, and error handling. We also revisit modules, routes, and request hooks. Each module will build on the next, culminating in a minimum-viable application ready to be expanded with additional functionality. (Course errata:

Table of contents

Building Web Applications With NancyFX

About the author

Richard is a Senior Software Developer for Vertigo Software. He takes a holistic approach toward software development by exploring pan-technological, as well as non-technological solutions to customer issues. Richard’s latest endeavor is Android application development - with a focus on media-centric applications for high-profile clients. He has a background in .NET web application development with a particular fondness for the Nancy framework. He also has a passion for building API-centric serv... more

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