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Business Analysis: Planning and Ensuring Success

by Jamie Champagne

This course shows you how to approach planning and improving your business analysis activities by walking you through the tasks in the business analysis planning and monitoring knowledge area.

What you'll learn

To ensure your business analysis efforts deliver value, professionals today must analyze and plan their own approaches to be successful on both their change efforts and preparing for business analysis certifications. In this course, Business Analysis: Planning and Ensuring Success, you will learn the tasks in the business analysis planning and monitoring knowledge area that are key inputs for your business analysis efforts as well as a critical aspect to understand when preparing for business analysis certifications. First, you will be introduced to the planning and monitoring knowledge area, beginning first with planning your business analysis approach. Next, you will discover the elements to analyzing your stakeholders to prepare for successful collaboration and communication activities required for change efforts. Then, you will walk through the considerations for governance and information management activities to enable the successful completion of business analysis tasks. Finally, you will understand how to measure and improve your own business analysis work for continued value add. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of how to plan and improve your business analysis work to deliver successful solutions, as well as prepare you for a critical component of passing business analysis certification examinations.

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About the author

Jamie is beyond her "passionate BA" title and truly embodies business analysis and adding value to those around her every day. An accomplished speaker and trainer, she enjoys sharing with others ways to improve their analysis skill sets, unique ways to look at the world and how to be more accomplished with measurable results. Her company, Champagne Collaborations, allows her to partner with growing organizations and amazing entrepreneurs to collaborate and bring powerful insight to allow teams... more

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