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Business Analysis Techniques: Eliciting Information and Collaborating with Stakeholders

by Milena Pajic

Master the techniques for Elicitation and Collaboration and prepare for the CBAP® certification exam through a number of compelling scenarios. Apply these widely-used techniques in any business area in your career and earn your PDUs and CDUs.

What you'll learn

From a pool of 50 techniques available to use for business analysis, it’s not always easy to pick the right one. There is the context of a particular knowledge area which determines the selection process as well. In this course, Business Analysis Techniques: Eliciting Information and Collaborating with Stakeholders, you will gain the ability to understand the purpose of the selected techniques. First, you will learn that each technique gets tailored for the knowledge area and that there are defined steps to be taken in order to perform it successfully. Next, you will discover how important it is to collaborate with stakeholders during the process of eliciting information and create open communication channels. Finally, you will explore the usage considerations for each of these selected techniques, so you are able to fit them into the right background. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to apply business analysis techniques in the context of elicitation and collaboration needed to implement changes in organizations.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Introducing Techniques for Elicitation and Collaboration

About the author

Milena Pajic has more than a two-decade-long career in the IT industry, leading distributed teams and managing projects on the international level. Software developer by education, she dug deep into the code, earned significant hands-on experience, and learned the rules of the game. She has been heavily involved in building teams on the basis of self-organization and cross-functionality, spreading her knowledge, and investing in education. Milena is a Master of Computer Science, PMP Certified Pr... more

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