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The C Programming Language in Action

by Kenny Kerr

This course will provide you with a complete and practical tour of the C programming language and libraries.

What you'll learn

C is a systems programming language and sits at the heart of practically every computing device imaginable. It offers unrivaled performance and supports more devices, processors, and micro-controllers than any other language. This course aims to get you up to speed with the C programming language and libraries. You will learn everything from installing popular compilers, how to compile programs at the command prompt, and how to make sense of the C programming language and libraries.

Table of contents


About the author

Kenny Kerr is a computer programmer and recognized expert in Windows operating system development and programming languages. Kenny has published numerous articles about the Windows operating system, network security, and C++ for MSDN Magazine as well as other publications. Microsoft has recognized Kenny’s expertise in network and operating system security with the Microsoft MVP Award for security. He has also held the Microsoft MVP Award since 2007 for his contributions to the C++ development co... more

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