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Developing Source Generators in C#

by Thomas Claudius Huber

C# Source Generators can analyze your code and generate new C# code while your project is compiling. This course will teach you how to build and use C# Source Generators in your .NET applications.

What you'll learn

When building .NET applications, you often have to write repetitive code. Instead of manually writing that code, you can generate it with a C# Source Generator. In this course , Developing Source Generators in C#, you’ll learn how to use a C# Source Generator to analyze your code and to generate additional C# code while your project is compiling. First, you’ll explore what a C# Source Generator is and what problems it helps you to solve. Next, you will create a C# Source Generator. You will learn how to set it up, how to analyze the syntax of your code, how to generate a source file, and how to add that source file on the fly to the compilation. Finally, you’ll learn how to package the source generator in a NuGet package, so that you can use it in different .NET projects. When you're finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of C# Source Generators needed to build and use C# Source Generators in your .NET projects.

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About the author

Thomas is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Development. He works as a developer, consultant, and trainer in the fields of .NET, C#, TypeScript, XAML, and Azure. Thomas is a well-known speaker and book author. He has written several special interest books in his areas, including an extensive handbook for Windows Presentation Foundation and a handbook on development with TypeScript. Thomas lives in Germany's Black Forest with his wife and their three daughters. In his spare time, he plays football and ... more

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