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IDisposable Best Practices for C# Developers

by Elton Stoneman

.NET takes care of memory management for you, right? Mostly. But the Garbage Collector needs your help and that's where IDisposable comes in. This course will teach you how to use it correctly to prevent strange errors and crashes in your apps.

What you'll learn

IDisposable is the only part of the platform where .NET asks for your help. If you don't use IDisposable correctly, the .NET Garbage Collector can't manage memory properly, so your app won't run efficiently, it may have strange errors, and it will eventually crash.

In this course, IDisposable Best Practices for C# Developers, you'll learn to manage object lifetimes and keep your apps running lean. First, you'll see what goes wrong if you don't dispose of objects, and how that can bring your apps down. Then, you'll explore the Garbage Collector to understand how .NET cleans up unused objects. Finally, you'll discover how to implement IDisposable throughout a distributed .NET application. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of managed and unmanaged memory to keep your .NET apps performing under any load.

About the author

Elton is a 10-time Microsoft MVP, author, trainer and speaker. He spent most of his career as a consultant working in Microsoft technologies, architecting and delivering complex solutions for industry leaders. He has delivered APIs on Azure serving millions of clients daily, Big Data solutions processing billions of events weekly, and cutting-edge solutions powered by containers. Elton's experience with .NET goes from .NET 1.0 running on Windows Server, right up to .NET Core running on Linux. Wh... more

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