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C# 9: Getting Started

by Paolo Perrotta

This training will get you up and running with the C# language. You'll set up a development environment and you’ll learn how to write, run, and debug a simple console application.

What you'll learn

C# is one of the most popular programming languages, but it’s also intimidating. There is so much going on, even in a simple program! The first step into C# can feel like climbing a brick wall.

In this course, C# 9: Getting Started, you’ll set up a development environment and run a tiny “Hello, World!” program. Granted, that program will have many moving parts. Fear not: you'll explore those parts one by one, until you have a clear idea of everything that is going on.

First, with the help of a pre-baked piece of code, you’ll turn the simplistic program into a usable command-line utility. Next, you’ll find and fix a bug together in Microsoft Visual Studio. Finally, you’ll look into a couple of more advanced C# features: structs and properties.

By the end of this course, C# won’t look so intimidating anymore. That brick wall will be behind you, and you’ll be on your path to become a C# developer.

About the author

Paolo Perrotta is the author of "Programming Machine Learning" and "Metaprogramming Ruby". He has hundreds of articles, conference speeches and training deliveries under his belt. He developed software in domains ranging from automotive to healthcare, large-scale web sites, and computer games.

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