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Dec 20, 2016
1h 26m

Learning a new CAD software can be very difficult and can take months to acquire the skills needed to create models and documentation as per industry standards. In this course, CATIA V5 Essentials - Part Modeling, you'll look at the best design practices so that you can quickly get up to speed. First, you'll get to know the CATIA V5 user interface. Next, you'll get an introduction to sketching, explore parametric modeling and design intent, and create your first 3D part. Finally, you'll wrap up the course by spending some time learning the drafting documentation process. By the end of this course, you'll know the basics of the part modeling and drafting documentation process and you'll be ready to bring simple design ideas to life in CATIA V5. Software required: CATIA V5 2016.

About the author
About the author

Aditya has diverse experiences in the field of engineering and design. His journey began in England where he studied MSC in automotive engineering and was introduced to the world of 3D CAD. Aditya was fascinated with 3D CAD tools such as SOLIDWORKS and CATIA, spending hours designing parts and assemblies and performing simulation studies

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Hi everyone, my name is Aditya and welcome to my course, Catia V5 Essentials – Part Modeling. I am an Engineering enthusiast, Petrolhead, and currently an author at Pluralsight. Prior to Puralsight, I worked as an application engineer at a CAD reseller and taught, supported, and learned techniques that are most important to the engineering and design industry.

When it’s Engineering and Design, Catia V5 is the leading software used in the Industry. From Automotive manufacturers to the aviation companies, Catia V5 is always the first choice. In this course, we are going to learn how to model simple and basic parts, and no prior experience with CAD modeling is required.

Some of the major topics that we will cover include:

  1. Getting to know the CatiaV5 User interface
  2. Parametric Modeling and Design intent
  3. Introduction to Sketching
  4. Creating our first 3D part
  5. Learning the Drafting Documentation process
By the end of this course, you’ll know the basics of part modeling and drafting documentation process and be ready to bring simple design ideas to life in CatiaV5.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to learn 3D CAD modeling with Catia V5 Essentials- Part modeling course, at Pluralsight.