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CCT Data Center: Cisco UCS and NX-OS Software Operation

by Anthony Sequeira

This course will teach you the fundamentals of basic operations for the Cisco UCS and the NX-OS switches often found in data centers today.

What you'll learn

The Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus switches that help facilitate remarkable data center performance are very complex. It is an excellent idea to begin your studies with introductory steps regarding their configuration and support. In this course, CCT Data Center: Cisco UCS and NX-OS Software Operation, you’ll learn to configure the basics of the Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus switches. First, you’ll explore the remarkable power of the Cisco UCS Manager for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting the Cisco UCS system. Next, you’ll discover the different command modes available with the Cisco Nexus switches. Finally, you’ll learn how to perform basic configurations on a Cisco Nexus device. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the basic configurations of the Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus switches needed to learn additional more advanced topics.

About the author

Anthony Sequeira (CCIE No. 15626) began his IT career in 1994 with IBM in Tampa, Florida. He quickly formed his own computer consultancy, Computer Solutions, and then discovered his true passion - teaching and writing about Information Technology. Anthony has lectured to massive audiences around the world while working for Mastering Computers. Anthony has never been happier in his career as a freelance author and trainer. Of course, Pluralsight is one of his favorite engagements! He is an avid ... more

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