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Introduction to the CCT Routing and Switching Certification

by Matt Conran

This course will teach you core CCT routing and switching foundations.

What you'll learn

Those interested in receiving the new CCT Routing and Switching Certification should view this course. In this course, Introduction to the CCT Routing and Switching Certification, you’ll learn foundational skills for networking. First, you’ll explore the role of networks and how they relate to the CCT blueprint. Next, you’ll discover the courses in this path. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply tips and recommendations for working life. When you finish this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of CCT Routing and Switching Certification needed to grasp the foundational skills of networking.

Table of contents

About the author

Matt Conran has more than 24 years of networking industry with entrepreneurial start-ups, government organizations and others. He is a lead Network & Security Architect and successfully delivered major global greenfield service provider and data center networks. Core skill set includes advanced data center, service provider, security, and virtualization technologies. He loves to travel and has a passion for landscape photography.

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