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Choosing between Multidimensional and Tabular Models in SSAS

by Patrick Pichler

Microsoft’s SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is considered to be one of the top online analytical processing (OLAP) technologies. This course compares the two major semantic data model types by SSAS and how to assess which one to use in practice.

What you'll learn

By implementing an OLAP solution using Microsoft technology, you have been confronted with two different model types for several years now. In this course, Choosing between Multidimensional and Tabular Models in SSAS, you’ll gain the ability to evaluate which model type fits better to your individual use case. First, you’ll explore the conceptional design differences. Next, you’ll discover the supported data sources and storage modes. Finally, you’ll learn how to implement business logic by using the model’s common as well as individual features together with analyzing the interaction with client applications. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to assess whether the Multidimensional or Tabular model will better perform under your given circumstances.

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About the author

Patrick has been designing, implementing, and managing data and analytics applications ranging from small to large scale for almost a decade by utilizing both proprietary as well as open source frameworks. He loves sharing his knowledge through online sources and technical articles. Patrick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool, besides being certified in several technologies. In his spare time, he loves... more

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