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Apr 10, 2015
5h 30m
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With the increase in use of JavaScript for websites, single page applications, and complex web apps comes the need for developers to be able to use JavaScript to do things such as write maintainable code, iterate quickly, separate concerns, and improve testability. While there are numerous JavaScript MV* frameworks available to aid developers with these tasks, choosing the right framework for a new project can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Reddit developer Brian Holt begins with a brief introduction to four popular JavaScript MV* frameworks. He then serves as referee for a virtual showdown between Angular, Ember, Backbone, and React. Brian builds a “Todo” application using each of the four frameworks and discusses the strengths and weakness of each framework along the way, highlighting practical considerations in the selection of a framework. Course materials are available at

About the author
About the author

Brian Holt is presently the redditgifts front-end developer at reddit. This essentially means he gets paid to use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to help you connect to the world around you, gain deep and meaningful insight, and look at cat pictures for hours.

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