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Getting Started with CircleCI

by Floyd May

Power up your software development workflow with CI and CD powered by CircleCI! This will get you started using CircleCI to handle trunk-based development, gating pull requests, and securely deploying to your cloud-based environments.

What you'll learn

A general solution to building and deploying code managed in GitHub can be tough, especially when multiple technology stacks are involved. In this course, Getting Started with CircleCI, you will learn the basics of creating CI and CD pipelines using two of the most popular DevOps tools in the market. First, you will learn how to automatically build your projects in response to code changes. Next, you will discover how to incorporate CircleCI into the GitHub pull request workflow. Finally, you will explore how to build intricate, powerful CD pipelines. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills to start building your own CI and CD processes with CircleCI and GitHub.

About the author

Developer. Craftsman. Leader. Architect. Mentor. Teacher. Author. Floyd is a veteran software craftsman with broad experience and a passion for teaching.

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