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Cisco ACI Programmability

by Lauren Malhoit

This course will teach you how to use REST clients and Python scripting to embrace network programmability and automation specifically with Cisco ACI.

What you'll learn

Network engineers know they want to start using programmability to automate IT operations, but there are two problems. Networking hasn't Kent itself easily to programmability and network engineers haven't had time to take on coding. In this course, Cisco ACI Programmability, you’ll gain the ability to make ACI a programmable Network, even if you've never coded a day on your life. First, you'll discover REST APIs. Next, you’ll explore how to make REST calls to manipulate the ACI network. Finally, you’ll learn how to create Python code just from XML or JSON that you've been able to download directly from the APIC. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of network programmability, specifically for Cisco ACI needed to automate tasks and orchestrate workflows to save time and money.

About the author

Lauren has been in the IT industry for over a dozen years as a customer, channel partner, and now vendor. Her site, which started out as a podcast and is now a repository for blogs and presentations, can be found at Lauren has been an author of two books: VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials and Operating Application Centric Infrastructure. Lauren also writes articles for and in the past has written for TechRepublic,, and... more

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