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Cisco SD-WAN: Management and Operations

by Leigh Bogardis

This course will teach you about managing your Cisco SDWan networks using the arsenal of tools at your disposal, including troubleshooting, upgrading software, viewing the reports available, and using REST API tools to query your infrastructure.

What you'll learn

With the complex nature of SDWan implementations understanding how to manage and monitor your network is critical. In this course, Cisco SD-WAN: Management and Operations, you’ll learn to use the vManage platform to manage and monitor your network devices and flows and software images. First, you’ll learn how vManage can monitor and manage your network. Next, you’ll discover how that is used in some example networks with demonstrations. Finally, you’ll learn how to use other techniques in the arsenal of tools provided within the Cisco SDWAN portfolio. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of managing, monitoring, and keeping your network up to date using the vManage platform and other tools.

About the author

Leigh cut his teeth on frame relay and ATM at the turn of the century, moved on to SDH and DWDM for the new millennium, returned to TCP/IP in 2008 and has enjoyed the opportunities offered him by various clients and companies. Currently focusing on network design and architecture, as well as virtualization and security.

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