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Getting Started with Cisco Stealthwatch

by Martin Brown

Security teams need a complete understanding of potential security threats, both internal and external, that could disrupt the network. Stealthwatch can monitor networks for potential threats, but before it can, you need to know how to install and configure it.

What you'll learn

Attacks on enterprise networks, whether they are a denial of service attacks or malware, have the potential to cause a lot of disruption. Moreover, attacks can come from an internal source in addition to external sources. SOC teams need a tool that will alert them when an attack is in progress and help them pinpoint the attacker and the target. SOC teams need Stealthwatch. In this course, Getting Started with Cisco Stealthwatch, you will not only learn how to install the various Stealthwatch components, but you will also discover how to configure and tune Stealthwatch. First, you will begin by looking at how Stealthwatch looks for threats. Next, you will go through how to install a Stealthwatch Management Console and Flow Collector before learning how to enable NetFlow on IOS-based network devices. Finally, after learning how to tune Stealthwatch, you will look at how to back up and upgrade a Stealthwatch system. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Stealthwatch needed to support a Stealthwatch system on an enterprise network.

About the author

Martin's IT career goes back to 1993 and while he was involved with Apple Macintosh computers, and had the pleasure of using DEC VAX terminals. Back then, hand held literally meant picking the terminal up by it's carry handle to move it to the other side of the desk and touch screen meant getting a static shock. Of course, the world has moved on a great deal since then and Martin is proud to be at the cutting edge of network and internetwork technology, working with devices from Cisco, F5, Chec... more

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