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Cisco Topologies and Troubleshooting for CCNA Studies

by Ross Bagurdes

Studying for the CCNA exam often requires detailed knowledge of Cisco specific terminology or skills. This course will cover Cisco design topologies, troubleshooting IP addresses, examining switchport errors, and using CDP.

What you'll learn

The CCNA exam tests the user for very specific objectives. Most of these objectives involve understanding complex topics which are universal to networking. In this course, Cisco Topologies and Troubleshooting for CCNA Studies, you will focus on some of the skills required to be successful with the exam, which are also universal, as well as some topics, which are specific to Cisco.

First, you will look at virtualization, building a foundation of how virtual computing works. Then, you will build upon virtualization by discussing cloud comping and how they are implemented into a network.

Next, you will shift gears to more technical topics. You will understand how neighbor discovery protocols work, then use CDP to map a network using a free open source drawing utility called

Finally, you will wrap up by examining issues that can occur with cabling and interfaces, looking at misconfigured IP addresses on routers and workstations. By the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to take with you to be properly prepared for the CCNA exam.

About the author

Ross has had a diverse career. He has a Structural Engineering degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering, but gave up the career shortly after graduating from college. Beginning in 1997, Ross began officially working in IT, implementing and supporting a paperless work order system for a Natural Gas Utility in Illinois. Since then, Ross has spent his years teaching and managing data networks. Ross spent 7 years at University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, supporting and managing the large ... more

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