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Label Creation for Profiles in Civil 3D

by Tisha Lance

This course will focus on label creation required for road and utility pipe profiles. Profile elements that will be focused on for label styles are curbs, driveways, retaining walls, sewer, storm and water pipes. Software required: AutoCAD Civil 3D.

What you'll learn

Creating Civil 3D labels can be overwhelming and frustrating. This course, Label Creation for Profiles in Civil 3D, will show you how to create simple, but powerful labels for profiles. First, you'll learn to create labels for top and bottom of curbs in profile with built in expressions. Next, you'll learn how to create labels for driveways and retaining walls in profile. Finally, you'll learn how to create unusual labels for pipe profiles without complicated pipe network objects. When you're finished with this Civil 3D course, you'll not only know how to create labels for profiles, but also have a fundamental understanding of the label creation environment to construct any label you'll need going forward. Software required: AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Table of contents

About the author

Born in Vancouver, Canada, moved to Arizona in 1996, and finally to the Seattle area in 2016. Tisha has been using AutoCAD since 1988 on projects such as subdivisions, small commercial sites, and more recently, engineered sports facilities from local to professional level stadiums. In 2002 she passed the Arizona State EIT and achieved LEED Green Associate level accreditation in 2011. Tisha recently completed a degree at Arizona State University in Earth and Environmental Studies BA in 2015.

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