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Cleaning String Data in Python

by Victoria Clark

Python has built-in capabilities that help you easily clean string data. This course will teach you what those capabilities are and how to use them.

What you'll learn

An essential part of creating critical-decision-making applications is the ability to process quality data to analyze expected outcomes in the best possible way. Python comes with great built-in capabilities to clean string data.

In this course, Cleaning String Data in Python, you will learn how to use various built-in Python capabilities to clean string data.

First, you’ll learn how to clear out unwanted characters from strings by using vectorized string operations in Python.

Next, you’ll learn how to use various Python capabilities to remove line breaks, remove stop words, remove numbers, and remove unwanted characters from a string using regular expressions.

Finally, you’ll learn how to work with unstructured string data to extract relevant information from it and make it useful.

When you are finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary for cleaning string data using Python’s capabilities and features.

About the author

Victoria Clark is a Financial Management Consultant with a background in Finance projects and systems, especially facilitating workshops and education on developments in her field, and has a great interest in new technologies, especially how Finance is evolving due to automation and the role of Finance in the Digital Age. Born in South Africa she is currently living in the Netherlands and enjoys writing, learning new topics and spending time with family.

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