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Getting Started with Cloudflare Security

by Troy Hunt

Cloudflare provides a free service to encapsulate an existing website and route traffic through their infrastructure. This allows them to apply numerous defensive measures to help secure the site from a range of online risks. In this course, we'll go through the process of setting up a site in Cloudflare, assessing the security profile, then strengthening the configuration to maximize the value of the additional defenses.

What you'll learn

In an increasingly security conscious world, people are always looking for shortcuts to enhance the security profile of their websites whilst keeping cost and effort to a minimum. For new web assets, and particularly for old, this can be a high-friction and often costly process to get right. Cloudflare provides a free service that routes traffic to existing websites through their infrastructure. They've rapidly emerged in recent years to become a large player in the online world, with 5% of the globe's traffic now dependent on Cloudflare. By encapsulating a website within their service, they're able to provide services ranging from SSL-enabling sites to implementing firewall rules and security controls, all without touching the existing site. In this course, we'll look at Cloudflare's free service, which can be set up in minutes. Whether you're just trying to get SSL on your site or want to take advantage of the more advanced security features Cloudflare offers, this course is a great way to increase security in the fastest, cheapest way possible.

About the author

Troy Hunt is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security, an ASPInsider, and a full time Author for Pluralsight—a leader in online training for technology and creative professionals. Troy has been building software for browsers since the very early days of the web and possesses an exceptional ability to distill complex subjects into relatable explanations. This has led Troy to become an industry thought leader in the security space and produce more than twenty top-rated courses ... more

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