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CLR Fundamentals

by Mike Woodring

CLR Fundamentals is designed to provide .NET developers with a firm understanding of managed execution on the .NET Framework

What you'll learn

At the heart of the .NET Framework is an execution engine called the Common Language Runtime. Designed from the ground up to support a myriad of programming language styles, the CLR provides a common type system, automatic memory management, support for concurrent execution, and facilitites for interoperating with native Win32 and COM components. Whether you're developing RESTful services using WCF, graphics-intensive desktop applications using WPF, or forms-based web applications using ASP.NET, the CLR provides the foundation for your application's managed execution. This module explores several key services provided by the CLR in support of managed application development on the .NET Framework.

Table of contents

About the author

Mike was the Head of Curriculum at Pluralsight, where he led the team that drove the vision and strategy for delivering world class technical content for professional technologists around the world working as developers, architects, IT operations professionals and data scientists and analysts. A former Microsoft C# MVP and multiple U.S. patent holder, Mike has over 20 years of experience developing high performance software systems and training developers around the world.

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