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Antifragile Teams: CodeMash

by CodeMash

CodeMash 2020 | Antifragile Teams | Charlie Sweet

What you'll learn

Software development is an activity that’s fraught with complexity, ambiguity, and, therefore, risk. Many organizations attempt to mitigate that risk through stringent processes, but there is a better way. In nature, there are three types of systems: 1. Fragile systems that break under stress, like a teacup, 2. Resilient systems that resist stress, like a rock, and 3. Antifragile systems that become stronger when they are stressed, like your muscles when you exercise. Most organizations attempt to build resilience, but do so in a way that nearly guarantees fragility. Designing for "antifragility" is a much better goal. In this talk, Charlie Sweet will talk about the concepts of antifragility, the concepts of teams (as opposed to working groups) and how to apply antifragile concepts to make teams less fragile.

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Antifragile Teams

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