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Common Data Problems Solved with Graphs: CodeMash

by CodeMash

CodeMash 2020 | Graphing Your Way through the Cosmos: Common Data Problems Solved with Graphs | Chad Green

What you'll learn

Data in the real world is naturally connected, but traditional data modeling focuses on entities which can cause for complicated joins of naturally connected data. That is where graph databases come in. Graph databases store data in a way that is more similar to what occurs naturally in the real world. There is a lot of talk about using graph databases for social networks, recommendation engines, and Internet of Things (IoT), but using graph databases can also make a lot of sense when working with common business data problems. In this conference talk, Chad Green will help you gain a better understanding of what graph databases are, show you how to use the Gremlin API within Azure Cosmos DB to traverse such data structures, and demonstrate practical examples to common data problems.

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Graphing Your Way through the Cosmos: Common Data Problems Solved with Graphs

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