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Coding for Views

by Addison Berry and Joe Shindelar

Learn the ins and outs of writing modules that implement the Views API.

What you'll learn

In this series, we cover the ins and outs of writing modules that implement the Views API. This series will take an in-depth look at exposing your own database tables to the Views module so that users can use them as a place from which to pull content, including the fields themselves and meta-data about how they can be used to create relationships to other content on your site. After getting the basics out of the way, we’ll also take a look at writing our own custom field handlers to expose our module’s data to Views so that it can be sorted, filtered, and queried in new ways. We’ll also look at implementing Views plugins to do things like add custom access control options to Views and add new output styles.

About the authors

Addi has been involved with Drupal since 2006. She is Lullabot's Director of Education and the Product Manager for Drupalize.Me. Addi has been working with technical documentation and training since 2000, and was the Drupal Documentation Lead from 2008 to 2010. She is one of the co-authors for the O'Reilly book Using Drupal, published in 2008. In 2010 Addison was recognized as one of the Most Influential Women in Tech by Fast Company Magazine.

Joe Shindelar is a web developer, teacher, and snowboarding enthusiast who has been building Drupal sites and participating in Drupal core development since 2006. In addition to teaching Drupal, he is the lead developer for Drupalize.Me. Joe is a sought-after presenter who has spoken at numerous conferences, Drupal camps, and events about everything from code-level development to user interface, design, and community involvement. Joe is also very active in the Drupal 7 issue queue where he has h... more

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