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Commodity SAN: Storage in Windows Server 2016

by Robert McMillen

Windows administrators will need to know how to utilize storage in new ways that 2016 offers, but also keep costs down by creating storage using available equipment. In this course, you'll learn how a commodity SAN does this.

What you'll learn

Storage growth and expense can get out of control for any business. In this course, Commodity SAN: Storage in Windows Server 2016, you will learn how to utilize Windows Server 2016 in a way that was not possible with previous versions of Windows server. First, you’ll discover how to setup an ISCSI target, and initiator. This creates the link between the storage server and the server using the newly available storage. Then, you’ll learn about replication and security for redundancy and protection. Replication allows us to copy the data to another location for redundancy. Finally, you'll explore how an encrypted stream keeps man in the middle attacks from compromising your security. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to create a highly available, secure, and budget conscious storage area network.

About the author

Professor Robert McMillen is a networking consultant with over 50 technical certifications. He has an MBA where he teaches Windows Server Administration at two colleges, and has earned his MCSE and MCT from Microsoft. Robert McMillen is the president and founder of All Tech 1, a Portland-based network consulting company. Robert has over 20 years of experience in network engineering and earned certifications from companies like Microsoft, Checkpoint, IBM, and Cisco. He also hosts a weekly syndi... more

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