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Communicate between Salesforce Lightning Web Components

by Sara Morgan Nettles

This course will teach you how to develop high-performing Lightning-based applications using multiple Lightning Web Components. To accomplish this, it is essential to understand the three ways Lightning Web Components communicate with each other.

What you'll learn

Understanding the ways that web components access data and information between each other opens many pathways to improving Salesforce performance. In this course, Communicate Between Salesforce Lightning Web Components, you will learn how to effectively communicate between Lightning Web Components. First, you will discover the three methods used to communicate between components. Then, you will learn details about each method by seeing how they work in a real-world app. Finally, you will apply that knowledge to real situations within that app. By the end of the course, you will know how to build your own high-performing Lightning-based app that is assembled with Lightning Web Components.

Course FAQ

What is lightning web components?

LWC is a stack of mordern is created on up to date web standards, its a stack of modern lightweight frameworks.

What is salesforce lightning?

Salesforce lighting is designed to simplify process for business users. It’s a framework for app development.

How to add company logo to salesforce lightning?

Go into settings > click set up > expand apps > click app manager > click the drop down arrow by the app you want to update > click > go to app details and branding > clear > click upload

How to change currency in salesforce lightning?

Open the report you wan to change the currency on > click edit > click currency > select dropdown > choose the currency you want > click run

How to create a case in salesforce lightning?

contacts and related contacts list and locate the contact you want to make the case for > Click New in the Cases related list of the contact > fill in information > click save

About the author

Sara Morgan Nettles is a Certified Salesforce Platform II developer, who began her software development career twenty years ago working primarily with Microsoft technologies. She now focuses on sharing her knowledge of developing modern web applications on the Salesforce platform. She has authored numerous books and articles, as well as being a regular speaker at Dreamforce.

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