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Commvault® Virtualization

by Frank Celauro

This course will teach you to use Commvault® Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for a comprehensive protection strategy.

What you'll learn

This course is comprised of two parts. The first part provides administrators with practical instruction for using Commvault's Virtual Server Agent (VSA), IntelliSnap® Technology, and traditional agents to provide a comprehensive protection strategy. The second part of this course delves into VSA configuration for both VMware and Hyper-V environments. It provides administrators with practical instruction on configuring instances, backup sets, and subclients, as well as proper procedures for backing up and recovering entire virtual machines, volumes, and individual files and folders.

Table of contents

Virtualization Concepts
VSA Data Protection Concepts
Additional VM Protection Methods
Configure VSA for VMware
Configure VSA for Hyper-V
Data Protection
Data Recovery

About the author

Frank Celauro is the Manager of Curriculum Development for Commvault Education Services. He began his career with Commvault in 2005 as a technical instructor. Transitioning to a content development role, he has authored both the Commvault Storage Policies and Commvault Concepts and Design Strategies books, as well as the Commvault Master Class. Working with a team of expert eLearning designers, content developers, and editors, previously he authored or assisted in the development of the entire c... more

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