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Complex Many-to-many Relationships with Graph in SQL Server

by Russ Thomas

This course will teach you not only the fundamentals of graph theory, the terminology, and the problems that can be solved with graph, but will also teach you to immediately put into practice the feature set now available in Microsoft SQL Server.

What you'll learn

With graph tables and queries you will be empowered to immediately gain insights and feel comfortable revealing the complex relationships buried in the natural world around us. If you have a good understanding of relational databases and are familiar with Microsoft SQL Server, this course will take you from “buzz word familiarity” to “ready to implement real world graph solutions” in about 90 minutes! In this course, Complex Many-to-many Relationships with Graph in SQL Server, you’ll learn to understand and implement real world solutions using graph tables and queries. First, you’ll explore the theories around graph databases, the terminology and unique concepts found in these types of data models, and the real world applications for this approach all around you. Next, you’ll discover how easy it is to build data models that store these complex many-to-many relationships, how SQL Server has automated and architected the connections and framework for you, the limitations of the past and where this technology is going, and how natural language makes modeling and visualizing these relationships far more simple than you might think. Finally, you’ll learn how to query your graph data assets to build powerful link chains, analysis, solutions and quick answers to very complex questions.. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of graph databases needed to understand graph theory across the industry, where graph fits in the many styles of data modeling and storage, and implement real world solutions with graph using Microsoft SQL Server!

About the author

Currently an IT leader in Denver Colorado's FinTech sector Russ has focused on database engineering, modelling, administration, and BI since 1997. Russ is a passionate trainer and community volunteer presenting regularly at tech events and local user groups around the US. In 2019 much of Russ' focus turned to cloud based data lakes specifically on Google BigQuery, and the emerging world of large language models.

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