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Feb 18, 2010
1h 31m

In this series of lessons we'll learn how to composite 2d elements over live footage. Using a few simple images and our footage we'll learn a variety of compositing and animation techniques to create an appealing final comp. We'll begin this project by importing our elements and tracking various features of the face. We'll learn how to successfully create a track even when the tracked feature disappears. We'll learn how to create an animated mask to hide our elements during the eye blink. To combine all of the elements together, we'll use color correction, filtering and image generation tools. We'll learn how we can create various animations using expressions and tie everything together using compositing math to correctly control reflections and the layering of our pieces. Software required: Toxik 2009 and up for Project Files.

About the author
About the author

Chris is a VFX author at Pluralsight. Along with creating and recording training, he also manages the support team and works closely with the production development team. He began his career working freelance and quickly realized that he wanted to find a company where he could use his talents to help people succeed in the CG industry.

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