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CompTIA ITF+: Security

by Michael Brown

Security sits at the heart of everything we do in IT. This course teaches you foundational level security concepts, technologies, and best practices that you can use to help pass the CompTIA ITF+ certification exam and launch your career in IT.

What you'll learn

There is a wealth of security information out there, trying to filter all of that information to focus your valuable time on topics that are relevant for jobs in IT and that can help you pass the CompTIA ITF+ certification exam is a time consuming challenge. In this course, CompTIA ITF+: Security, you’ll learn the security skills needed to help you pass the CompTIA ITF+ certification exam and understand the security concepts that are most relevant for jobs in IT. First, you’ll explore concepts of authentication and authorization and how authentication and authorization are achieved in computer networks today. Next, you’ll discover best practices of password protection, device security, and behavioral security concepts. Finally, you’ll learn how integrity, encryption, and business continuity are achieved. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of foundational security concepts needed to pass the CompTIA ITF+ certification exam and discuss key security concepts confidently with peers.

About the author

I have worked in IT for 25 years, for 22 of those years I have delivered IT Training. I have delivered Microsoft, CISCO and Amazon Web Services courses across Europe. For the last 4 years I have focused on Cloud technologies delivering cloud training to some of Europe’s biggest organisations. I have been a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1997 and currently hold certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA and AWS. When not working on training material or delivering courses I spend time in the nort... more

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