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Concurrent Programming with Go

by Mike Van Sickle

In this course, you will learn about Go’s concurrency system and learn how to use goroutines, channels, and the sync package to build robust, highly concurrent applications.

What you'll learn

Taking advantage of the processing power of today's multi-core computers is a challenge that every developer faces. In this course, Concurrent Programming with Go, you will gain the ability to use Go's powerful tools that allow multi-threaded programs to be written in a clear, easily understood manner. First, you will learn how to use goroutines to initiate concurrent tasks. Then, you will explore the sync package and how to use it to coordinate goroutines. Finally, you will discover channels and how they compliment and complete the coordination features of the sync package. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Go's concurrency model needed to write safely, highly concurrent applications.

About the author

Michael Van Sickle is an application architect in Akron, Ohio. He started his career as a mechanical engineer, designing components for the automotive industry, before changing to software engineering. He is passionate about learning new programming languages and is comfortable working in Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and F#. Mike also loves learning about user experience design and is taking a lead role in his company's attempt to make applications that are elegant and simple. When he i... more

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