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Configuring Net Services with Oracle

by Agaba Philip

As an Oracle DBA, it’s very unlikely that your users will be connecting locally to the database server machine and network connections are the more typical approach. This course teaches you the basics of configuring an Oracle network.

What you'll learn

If the Listener is down, your users can’t reach the database. If your network client files are improperly configured, your applications won’t be able to find their data.

In this course, Configuring Net Services with Oracle, you'll learn the skills you need to avoid all the pitfalls of Oracle networking.

First, you’ll learn about Oracle’s client-server architecture, the Listener, and name resolution.

Next, you'll explore service registration, the dedicated server architecture, and the shared server architecture.

Finally, you'll learn to configure inter-database communication via database links.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of Oracle database networking. This knowledge will help you mitigate network-related problems in most Oracle-based systems.

About the author

I got my start in IT administrating an Oracle 10g database on Red Hat Linux. I've come a long way since and have used Linux everyday since 2012 both personally and professionally. As an independent consultant, I'm currently responsible for no less than forty Oracle databases running on Windows and Red Hat Servers. Perhaps the only thing I love almost as much as Linux is the Cloud and the many opportunities it provides. Linux has opened a lot of doors for me, and teaching it is my favorite pas... more

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