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Managing Container Images

by David Clinton

This course will teach you to create, manage, share, and secure container images in production. If you're ready to step up to controlling your container lifecycles from start to finish in-house, then you're ready for this course.

What you'll learn

The container revolution promises to add deep automation and customizability to both development cycles and deployments. But the ability to reliably and securely create, share, and manage the container template

images that lie at the core of the process ca n be confusing. In this course, Managing Container Images, you'll learn to design and administer your own container image repositories. First, you'll explore the basics of images and their administration. Next, you'll learn about properly securing the imag es in your repo. Finally, you learn how to integrate image registries into your Kubernetes infrastructure. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of container administration needed to manage your own images in production environments.

About the author

David Clinton is an AWS Solutions Architect and a Linux server administrator. He's written books on cloud and Linux administration, IT security, and data analytics.

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