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Continuously Deliver IIS-based .NET 4 Applications

by Erik Dahl

This course will help get your code built when changes are committed, then get your IIS applications deployed using automated steps from VSTS or TFS! You'll see examples of this for ASP.NET Core and Framework sites as well as WCF apps.

What you'll learn

Establishing solid build and release definitions for IIS-based .NET applications is a critical building block for true continuous delivery. In this course, Continuously Deliver IIS-based .NET Applications, you'll get into lots of the practical details that need to be addressed when delivering real applications via build and release definitions. First, you'll discover how .NET applications properly handle packages, shared library references, and configuration. Then, you'll try various flavors of ASP.NET applications and WCF services. All of these topics will be accomplished within Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), and the same concepts would apply in various flavors of Team Foundation Server (TFS). Next, you'll learn about the build and release definitions within VSTS that will include most of the tasks and steps needed. Lastly, you'll take a close look at using PowerShell to perform custom activities when the predefined tasks don’t cover everything you need. By the end of this course, you'll not only be able to get your IIS applications deployed using automated steps from VSTS or TFS for ASP.NET Core and Framework sites but use Powershell for custom requirements as well.

Table of contents

About the author

Erik Dahl has been developing software and architecture for 20+ years, mostly doing in-house development for his employers. His recent work has included a multi-tenant B2B implementation and self-registration B2C implementation for Duende IdentityServer, upgrading legacy ASP.NET websites from server-side technologies to a client/server mix and adopting TypeScript, building Web APIs as the back end for mobile and web applications, and finding ways to modernize existing applications and make them ... more

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