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Coordinating with Virtual Teams

by Sandesh Belthangady

Virtual (aka remote) work is a necessity in today's global economy and doing so requires enhanced people and project management skills. This course will teach you how to effectively coordinate virtual teams.

What you'll learn

The new norm, remote work, does not provide the luxury of face-to-face communication to virtual teams. This mode of working offers several benefits and drawbacks to team members, team leaders, and organizations that impact overall productivity and employee morale. In this course, Coordinating with Virtual Teams, you'll learn to effectively coordinate your team virtually which boosts overall productivity and employee morale. First, you'll explore the skills and characteristics that are uniquely important for virtual teams and leaders. Next, you'll discover the right processes and plans needed to smoothly coordinate a virtual team. Finally, you'll explore the tools and solutions that help facilitate an efficient virtual framework. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of coordinating with virtual teams needed to effectively coordinate your team virtually, which boosts overall productivity.

About the author

Sandesh is an Ex-IBMer, who got featured on & numerous other media outlets for “Building $1.4 Million app within 4Min”. Currently, he is the CEO & Co-Founder of 4Five Labs Inc., where he & his team is helping creators to engage their community at scale using state-of-the-art natural language processing engine. He also has a provisional patent on "Increase engagement of influencer with followers on social media and professional network".

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