Core Python: Organizing Larger Programs

by Austin Bingham and Robert Smallshire

This course is an introduction to features of the Python language which will help you structure your code once your needs move beyond a few Python modules. You'll learn where to start plus the patterns you should follow to grow your Python projects.

What you'll learn

As your Python programs grow, or you contribute to existing, larger Python-based systems, you'll need some techniques to help you manage the inevitable growth of complexity. In this course, Core Python: Organizing Larger Programs, you’ll learn foundational knowledge to structure your Python programs to facilitate their growth and maintenance. First, you'll learn how to implement packages. Next, you'll discover namespace and executable packages. Finally, you'll explore a structure for your projects that support everything from code to tests to documentation. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Python program organization needed to grow and nurture your Python projects.

About the author

Austin is a founding director of Sixty North, a software consulting, training, and application development company. He's a native of Texas but currently lives in Norway where he writes software, runs a local software interest group, and presents and teaches whenever he can.

Robert Smallshire is a founding director of Sixty North, a software product and consulting business in based in Norway. He has held several senior software architecture and technical management roles, and he is a regular conference speaker. Python is his weapon of choice.

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