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Getting Started with CoreOS

by Jason Olson

CoreOS embraces the move to distributed and containerized applications, addressing many problems businesses face. This course shows the basics you need to understand the main features of CoreOS and what problems CoreOS is trying to solve.

What you'll learn

Many businesses are facing problems with the growing cost of maintaining software and systems, an industry that is shifting more to cloud services and new development paradigms like application containers and microservices that change the way software is created, deployed, and run. In this course, Getting Started with CoreOS, you'll learn the basics of CoreOS, an operating system that embraces the move to distributed and containerized applications and aims to address many of the problems businesses are facing today. First, you will learn why a new approach like the one CoreOS provides is necessary. Next, you'll learn about the different features that CoreOS has to address different business problems. Finally, you'll learn how all these features come together to allow a distributed end-to-end application to be easily deployed and run on CoreOS. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills needed to build and deploy a single distributed application onto CoreOS, and have the foundational knowledge to move on to more advanced concepts like distributed schedulers (Kubernetes, Mesosphere).

About the author

Jason Olson is a software engineer passionate about distributed computing and cloud-based technology. He is a full stack developer at Concur, and formerly a Technical Evangelist and Program Manager at Microsoft. Outside of work, he is a father of two and loving husband. He loves building back-end systems that are distributed, can scale, and are fault-tolerant and reliable. He has delivered talks at Microsoft //build/ (2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015), Tech Ed, internal Microsoft conferences, and many... more

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