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C++ 17: Beyond the Basics

by Kate Gregory

You know C++ syntax, but do you know what makes code "modern"? How much do you use the Standard Library in your applications? Have you been keeping up with what was added in C++ 11, 14, and 17? Bring your C++ skills to the next level.

What you'll learn

Do you want to take your C++ skills from basic syntax to the next level, including libraries and modern C++? In this course, C++ 17: Beyond the Basics, you'll learn what modern C++ is, and why it's to your advantage to write that way. First, you'll learn about the Standard Library collection classes, and some of the functions in the algorithm header that will save you time and effort while making your code easier for others to understand. Next, you'll discover lambdas and how to use them, and how to take advantage of move semantics for a tremendous performance enhancement. Finally, you'll see what exceptions are, when to use them and when not to use them, and how they work. By the end of this course, you'll have built a fundamental knowledge of C++ syntax, fill in the gaps most C++ developers have, and become one of those developers who uses the whole language to get the most performance while still writing code that's easy to maintain and read.

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About the author

Kate Gregory is in her fifth decade of being paid to program. Her firm, Gregory Consulting Limited, is based in rural Ontario and helps clients adopt new technologies and adjust to the changing business environment. Mentoring, technical writing, and technical speaking are her preferred ways of sharing wisdom with large groups of people. Kate is the author of over a dozen books and speaks at conferences around the world, with keynotes on 5 continents. Kate develops courses (primarily on C++) for ... more

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