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Patterns for Building Distributed Systems for The Enterprise

by Michael Perry

Patterns and tools for building scalable distributed systems

What you'll learn

The patterns of distributed systems help us to build maintainable, reliable, and scalable enterprise solutions. In this course, you will see how the theory of the CAP Theorem applies to the practice of using an Enterprise Service Bus. You will see how Domain Driven Design breaks down a problem, and how Event Sourcing helps implement and integrate those pieces.

About the author

Software is math. Michael L Perry has built upon the works of mathematicians like Bertrand Meyer, James Rumbaugh, and Donald Knuth to develop a mathematical system for software development. He has captured this system in a set of open source projects, Update Controls and Correspondence. As a Principal Consultant at Improving Enterprises, he applies mathematical concepts to building scalable and robust enterprise systems. You can find out more at

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