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Create a Couchbase 6 Function

by Kishan Iyer

Couchbase functions provide an interface for developers to respond to the addition, modification or removal of document data from a bucket. This course covers their use cases, features, limitations and how they can be defined using JavaScript.

What you'll learn

In this course, we explore the Couchbase eventing service, which generates events for any modification performed on a document or the addition or removal of data in a bucket. We begin by delving into what the eventing service is, and how Couchbase eventing functions can be defined to respond to mutations of data in a bucket. This involves the use of JavaScript to define event handler functions.

Next, we cover the features of the variation of JavaScript used in Couchbase functions and contrast it with regular JavaScript.

We then look at potential scenarios where Couchbase functions can be used - from the automatic enrichment of document data loaded into a bucket to responding to the removal of a document by invoking cascading deletes of all related data.

Finally, we explore the concept of user-defined functions in Couchbase which can be invoked from N1QL queries. This includes the definition of such functions using N1QL query expressions as well as within an external JavaScript source file.

Once you finish this course, you will have the know-how to respond to any modifications, additions or removal of data in your buckets using Couchbase functions.

About the author

I have a Masters in Computer Science from Columbia University and have worked previously as a developer and DevOps engineer. I now work at Loonycorn which is a studio for high-quality video content. My interests lie in the broad categories of Big Data, ML and Cloud.

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