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Create Measures by Using DAX with Power BI

by Brent Allen

The DAX modeling language allows complete control over the data in your visuals in Power BI. This course will teach you how to create new measures that filter and aggregate data in ways that are impossible without DAX.

What you'll learn

The DAX modeling language allows for calculations in Power BI that are otherwise impossible using calculated columns and quick measures. In this course, Create Measures by Using DAX with Power BI, you’ll learn to enhance your Power BI reports with measures that can solve new problems like multiplying columns, end of month balance, and percentage of total calculations. First, you’ll explore how to build new calculations using DAX. Next, you’ll discover the CALCULATE formula, which will allow you to manipulate the filters on your Power BI visuals. Finally, you’ll learn how to build measures that span multiple time periods or provide end of period calculations. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the DAX modeling language needed to create advanced calculations in Power BI.

About the author

Brent Allen is a finance and technology professional with an MBA from Queen's University and is a Certified Professional Accountant in Canada. He has worked as a finance and technology professional for large businesses across multiple sectors, including TD Securities, McDonald's and BentallGreenOak. In his roles as a financial and business analyst, he has been responsible for automating key financial processes using Excel, Access and VBA. He has acted as a system owner for key financial systems,... more

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