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Create a Windows 10 Image

by Rhonda Layfield-Dwyer

This course covers types of images and image formats, as well as creating images via DISM, MDT, WDS, and CM 2012.

What you'll learn

Learn how each Microsoft deployment tool creates Windows 10 images. Each tool has pros and cons – this course will explain how the tools differ from one another so you can chose the tool that is right for your deployment environment.

About the author

For almost 30 years, Rhonda has helped people securely deploy, protect, and streamline their IT resources. She began her career in the US Navy where she spent 7 years as communications specialist with a top secret clearance. Later, as Sr. Security Analyst for an electrical utility company operating nuclear power plants, she discovered serious security flaws in software about to be acquired. She also consults for large customers showing how to quickly and cheaply roll out 50,000 Windows 7 desktop... more

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