Creating Basic Robots with Robotic Process Automation

by Tommy van Schaik

In this course, you will learn how to build basic software robots using low-code platforms, which can help you with simple repetitive tasks and allow you to focus on the most creative aspects of your role.

What you'll learn

Business users can benefit greatly from the assistance of software robots to help them in their day-to-day tasks. In this course, we’re going to look at the possibilities of software robots and how you can create one for your own personal use by means of a low-code platform. First, we will focus on selecting and mapping the right process to automate. Second, we will be creating a basic software robot for your own personal use. And finally, we will explore different RPA use cases within organizations and industries. After this course, you will be able to set up basic robots by means of low-code platforms that will help you in your day to day repetitive tasks.

About the author

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Tommy van Schaik found out early that his natural habitat was between business and IT. After getting his bachelor's and master's in Business & IT, he decided to join the Dutch Air Force as a Communications Systems Officer. During his last tour in the United States, he found his love for agile transitions and dealing with development teams. He quickly transitioned to the Civilian world to do what he loves best: helping organizations transition to future-proof s... more

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