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Creating Canvas Apps with Power Apps

by Amber Israelsen

Canvas apps offer a no-code way to develop rich, responsive business apps, using drag-and-drop functionality and Excel-like expressions. This course will teach you how to develop an end-to-end Power Apps canvas app that leverages Dataverse data.

What you'll learn

Today more than ever, companies need a way to rapidly develop apps without writing code. Canvas apps enable you to design an interface using drag-and-drop functionality, and work with data and logic using Excel-like expressions. In this course, Creating Canvas Apps with Power Apps, you’ll learn to develop an end-to-end canvas app using Power Apps. First, you’ll explore setting up a development environment in Power Apps, and then creating the data model in Dataverse. Next, you’ll see how to create the canvas app, add screens, forms, UI controls, and use advanced features like formulas, variables and components to interact with the data. Finally, you’ll learn how to enable offline capabilities in the app, and then manage it and monitor the app using Power Apps Analytics. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Power Apps canvas apps needed to rapidly develop business applications using Dataverse data.

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About the author

Amber has been a software developer and technical trainer since the early 2000s. In recent years, she has focused on teaching AI, machine learning, AWS and Power Apps, teaching students around the world. She also works to bridge the gap between developers, designers and businesspeople with her expertise in visual communication, user experience and business/professional skills. She holds certifications in machine learning, AWS, a variety of Microsoft technologies, and is a former Microsoft Cer... more

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