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Creating a Character Stat System in Unity

by Thomas Winkley

Learn the power of scriptable objects when designing scalable systems for games in Unity.

What you'll learn

Do you have beautiful art for your game, and are ready to start implementing game systems? If so, this course, Tracking and Adjusting Character Stats with Unity, is for you! First, you’ll outline your game systems in a relational graph so you can track the communication between your Game Objects. Then, you’ll define your methods and scripts as you build them out. Finally, you'll get to prepare the systems to be integrated with other systems in the project. When you're finished with this course, you'll have your data structure laid out and be ready to start building smart, scalable systems for your game ideas. Required Software: Unity 2019

About the author

Thomas Winkley is an audio engineer, podcast producer and, Street Fighter junkie. As a Unity Certified Instructor and Programmer, he finds joy in teaching others skills and helping them skill up in whatever areas they prefer. He's always ready to talk video production and Game Development

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