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Creating Dashboards with Power BI

by Matthew Calderwood

Power BI Dashboards provide users with an effective way to visualize, organize, and consume data that is most important to them. This course will teach you how to build dashboard solutions that deliver user-actionable insights.

What you'll learn

The role of a data analyst is becoming critical to the decision-making processes used by businesses across the globe, and the importance of reliable data and reports has never been higher. Managing the expectations of your end users can be challenging, so how do they find the insights that are most important to them? In this course, Creating Dashboards with Power BI, you’ll learn to build and deliver effective dashboards, which will allow users to find and consume business critical information, in an efficient way. First, you’ll explore the differences between reports and dashboards, and the variety of ways content can be consumed, Next, you’ll discover how to theme and optimize the visuals in your dashboards, and how to enhance them with the use of media tiles, Finally, you’ll learn how to deliver your dashboard content to end users, in ways that simplify their data exploration journeys. When you're finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Power BI Dashboards needed to deliver actionable insights through out your organization, enabling everyone to do more with data.

About the author

Matt Calderwood is a Senior Software Engineer from the UK with over fifteen years' experience of building web applications with the Microsoft technology stack. Recently he has been creating solutions using the Microsoft Azure platform and Power BI - enabling organizations to gain new insights with their data and to push the boundaries of what is possible with business intelligence. His background in programming, along with his passion for all things AI, Data, and Machine Learning, gives him a un... more

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