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Creating Model-driven Applications with Power Apps (PL-200)

by Hugo Barona

This course will teach you how to leverage Power Platform and Model-driven Apps to model your business data, define and use your business processes.

What you'll learn

Power apps are essential for supporting your business. In this course, Creating Model-driven Applications with Power Apps (PL-200), you’ll learn how to build sophisticated business applications using Power Platform and model-driven apps to support your business and organization. First, you’ll learn how to create a rich app interface in model-driven apps. Next, you’ll discover how to create logic in your model-driven apps to support your apps. Finally, you’ll learn how to create visualizations to provide insights to the users of your model-driven apps. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of creating model-driven applications with power apps needed to create sophisticated model-driven apps.

About the author

Hugo is a Sr. Software Engineer with expertise in Software Development, developing applications based on the Microsoft Stack while leveraging the Open Source technologies. He is a passionate professional for Cloud Systems and Technologies, specifically all Microsoft Azure related. He is Microsoft Certified Professional with Microsoft Certifications in Web/App Development (MCSA - Web Applications, MCSD - App Builder) and Azure (Azure Developer Associate and Azure Solutions Architect). But Love... more

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